Custom & OEM Products

Applicos can provide custom hardware and software for many applications within the Analog/Mixed Signal area. We offer a unique combination of full-service assistance throughout the entire product realization process, from conceptualization to prototyping and manufacturing.

We have thorough experience of various software and hardware platforms commonly used in the Test & Measurement world. Many years of experience and a large number of available IP cores allow us to create new products within a short time frame.


Applicos has a long history when it comes to Analog and Mixed-signal analysis software and instrument drivers. They are provided with our instruments and modules, but we also use our expertise to create user specific software, with the emphasis on signal processing and analysis.

We have state of the art software development tools and many library routines at our disposal to meet your requirements.

Drivers, User Interfaces and Special Applications can be developed in C++, C#, LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW and other platforms.

Our technologies & design cores

Waveform Generators

  • 22-bit / 2Msps (Excellent dynamic performance combined with very high linearity/DC accuracy)
  • 16-bit / 400Msps (Excellent Dynamic performance and very good linearity/DC accuracy)
  • 18-bit / 300Msps data rate, 600Msps and 1.2Gsps oversampling (Best HF performance)


  • 20-bit / 2Msps (Excellent dynamic performance combined with very high linearity/DC accuracy)
  • 22-bit / 1Msps (Similar to 20-bit / 2Msps but with even higher performance)
  • 16-bit / 180Msps (Excellent Dynamic performance with very good linearity)

Clock generation

  • PLL clock source, programmable from 2kHz to 1.4GHz, 0.3ps jitter
  • PLL clock source, programmable from 320kHz to 1GHz, 0.18ps jitter
  • 80 MHz DDS clock source, programmable from <1Hz to 80MHz, <350μHz frequency resolution

Precision DC

  • High precision Voltage Reference, 7V fixed, 1μV/°C, 1ppm/year, 1μVpp noise Programmable DC Source +/- 10V, 20-bit resolution, 2ppm INL, 1ppm/°C, 2μVrms noise High precision DC measuring (equivalent to a 7.5 digit DMM)

Power DC

  • Dual channel Power Supply with modulation capability, +/- 12V, 0.2A, very low noise
  • PXI Power Supply module, 48V, 2A max. (40W max), floating, no external power input required. PXI Power Supply module, Dual channel 48V, 2A max. (80W max./channel), floating
  • High Voltage digitizer, +/- 300V max. differential inputs, 14-bit / 70Msps, 30MHz bandwidth
  • Wide input range Digitizer, +/-0.25V to +/- 250V diff. inputs, 14-bit / 125Msps, 30/60MHz bandwidth


  • Logic; CPLD, FPGA, (programming in VHDL or VERILOG) Bus interfaces / backplanes; PXI, PXIe(*), USB, Ethernet, VXI Processors; Intel based, DSPs, Embedded controllers


  • C++, .NET, LABwindows CVI, LABview