Effective mixed-signal test solutions demand know-how and experience. Low level analog signals need to be stimulated and analyzed near fast switching digital logic. Cross talk, magnetic fields, clock jitter, ground noise and non-linearity of components, are just a few of the problems that must be addressed. At Applicos, we know what it takes to design and produce high quality mixed-signal test solutions. We have been servicing the mixed-signal test industry since 1993 and have established a distinguished reputation for providing our customers with high performance, cost effective solutions.


Applicos manufactures standard instruments for mixed-signal testing that can be used in a stand-alone environment or in combination with other test systems. Our products are used both in the lab for detailed analysis and in production testing to extend the capabilities of automatic test equipment.


Several Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digitizer modules and special (analog) function modules are available. Some are intended to be used in Applicos instruments, others are for industry standard chassis as VXI or PXI. The core technology of these modules can also be readily adapted to customized products.


For Mixed Signal testing, signal processing and visualization software is a key issue. Applicos provides standard software for many common tasks such as Waveform Generation, Fast Fourier Transforms and Linearity plots. Most instruments and modules can be integrated with Industry Standard software like LabVIEW from National Instruments.

Custom design

Because of our experience with Mixed Signal Technology we are able to create custom solutions quickly and cost effectively. We can draw from a large base of reusable design blocks and add specific features as desired. In addition DSP, or PC-based software processing can be added. We have the experience to create unique solutions that precisely fit your need.


Our core business is providing solutions for the testing of A/D and D/A converters. This requires“Best-in-Class” hardware. Therefore, we work continuously on improving our technology and keeping up with the latest advancements in components and techniques. This allows us to not only serve our core, but to offer a wide range of solutions for the general mixed signal test marketplace.

Our product range covers complete instruments, modules and pure custom designed solutions for precision analog signal generation and analysis. Our software integrates our hardware into user friendly systems that make it easy for our customers to realize effective mixed-signal test performance.


  • Highest performance: Our products provide an unsurpassed performance level in the analog domain. Whether developing a test rack, module, or custom design, we always strive to set new standards of performance.
  • State of the art technology: Our experienced engineers are continuously exploring the latest technologies and are committed creating the best possible solutions.
  • Ease of use: Our embedded software and/or drivers make it easy to integrate our products into your test solution.