Our Analog Test Solutions

The ATX series of instruments are designed for applications that require an analog performance that is not achievable with industry standard platforms like PXI(e).


The general concept of all resources in one chassis with central clock and trigger hardware avoids noise due to ground loops, jitter increase due to multiple PLL clocks and make a measurement "coherent by default". Accuracy is guaranteed by auto calibration against a built-in voltage reference.


The special designed case frame with linear power supplies, a low-noise backplane bus, carefully designed grounding & shielding and auto-calibration enables an unparalleled accuracy, noise and jitter performance. Also each individual module has been designed to exceed the performance of other available hardware.


The high quality hardware of the ATX-series is complimented with innovative software that requires no programming to perform complex analog measurements and analyze the results, so you won't waste time optimizing your test setup.


The main application is data converter testing but ATX series hardware is also used in other applications like: energy metering tests, extreme precision servo systems, quantum computer research, and other high accuracy applications.


Concept Features

Chassis Features

ATX Series Comparison

Feature ATX7006A ATX Express
Controller module ATX controller ATX controller
GPIB port Yes No
Production calculations on controller module: FFT, linearity calculations, etc. Yes No
DIO module slots 1 1
Analog module slots 8 4
PXI module slots - -
Low-jitter backplane design Improved Standard
Supported modules:
DIO-II Yes Yes
DRS20 Yes Yes
DPS16 Yes Yes
AWG22 Yes Yes
AWG20 Yes Yes
AWG18 Yes No*
AWG16 Yes No*
WFD22 Yes Yes
WFD20 Yes Yes
WFD16 Yes No*
* Can be made available upon request, but with limitations. Contact Applicos for details.