DIO – Multimode Digital Source / Capture

Pattern bit example programming

The DIO is a multimode digital source and capture module. In Low Speed Mode, the DIO provides a 20-bit parallel or 24-bit serial I/O capability running up to 50 MHz. In High Speed Mode, the DIO-200 provides a 16-bit parallel I/O capability up to 200 MHz. In both Speed Modes, the Clock is generated by a low jitter PLL source that can generate clocks from 2 kHz up to 200 MHz. In addition an external clock can be provided. The DIO offers 8 Pattern Bits to the user for DUT synchronization and control. The remaining 8 Pattern Bits are used for control and synchronization of the analog source and capture instrumentation through the ATX backplane. This allows for coherent mixed-signal measurements improving the accuracy of your measurement without need for post-process windowing.

Block Diagram

DIO – Multimode Digital Source / Capture

Key Features

  • Multimode Digital Source/Capture module
  • Up to 50 MHz data rate in low speed mode
  • Up to 200 MHz data rate in high speed mode
  • 20 bit parallel / 24 bit serial capture capability
  • 128k x 16 pattern generator (low speed mode)
  • Programmable clock delays (high sp. mode)
  • Internal Clock generation up to 200 MHz
  • External clock rate up to 400 MHz
  • Programmable IO levels
  • For ATX series hardware platform

Technical Specifications

Low Speed Mode

Pattern Generator 100 MHz, 128kwords x 16-bits
Data I/O Pins 20-bit parallel / 24-bit serial
Data I/O Formats parallel, byte-by-byte, serial
Source/Capture Depth 4M-words x 24-bits or 8M-words x 16 bits
Internal clock source 1 kHz to 100 MHz
External clock source 1 MHz to 100 MHz
I/O Levels VIL: 0.4 V (max), VIH: 1.2 V, 1.8 - 3.3 V

High Speed Mode

Data I/O Pins 16-bit
Data I/O Formats parallel
Source/Capture Depth 8M-words x 16-bits
Internal clock source 2 kHz to 200 MHz
External clock source 1 MHz to 400 MHz
I/O Levels LVDS
Programmable clock delays 10 ps resolution / 10 ns range


External Clock Rate 400 MHz