5 March 2015

New version of Soft Front Panel application for PS48401 Power Supply

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New version of Soft Front Panel application for PS48401 Power Supply

Applicos has extended the Soft Front Panel application for the PS48402 Dual-channel PXI Programmable Power Supply to now also support the PS48401 Single-channel version. The latest version is dubbed “PS4840x Soft Front Panel”.

The PS4840x Soft Front Panel application is a User Interface for the PXI Programmable Power Supply units by Applicos. It allows the user to configure the module, read back the momentary output voltage and current, but also to start a capture using the transient recorder that is integrated in the hardware.

PS4840x Soft Front Panel showing captured current and votage

“Supporting both of our PXI power supplies in one application simplifies the development for us. We can now combine the software development efforts for both products to work on one single application, which is beneficial for users of both products”, said Johannes van der Vegt, Sales Engineer at Applicos.

“The PS48401 and PS48402 are very similar products”, he continues. “Where the PS48401 requires two slots in the chassis to obtain sufficient power from the backplane, this was no longer possible for the dual-channel PS48402. The external AC/DC power supply for the PS48402 allows safely drawing four times the total power that was required for the PS48401 from a mains supply. But further the two units are almost exactly the same. That allows easy integration into one software application.”

The PS48401 and PS48402 are known for their very low noise compared to competitors, due to their linear post-regulation, and for their very high accuracy in setting and reading back the voltage and current.

Engineer at Applicos