DRS20 - 20 bit Dual Reference Source


  • Ultra High precision DC source
  • Dual channel
  • 20 bit resolution
  • +/-10V output swing
  • +/-10mA max. current,1µV/mA load regulation
  • 2ppm Linearity
  • 5µVrms wide band output noise (DC-100kHz)
  • High precision voltage measure capability
  • For ATX series hardware platform

The DRS20 is a dual-channel reference source offering ultra high precision and stability and provides a +/-10V output. The output current can be up to 10mA and the 4 wire connection provides a 1µV/mA load regulation. 

The high precision and stability is achieved by using a temperature controlled voltage reference. All internal nodes are calibrated using a built in 24-bit precision DVM that continuously checks the internal nodes relative to this reference. Therefore the accuracy is only determined by the temperature controlled voltage reference. This ensures a negligible drift when sourcing over a long period of time. The same DVM can be used to measure external voltages with extremely high precision.

The output has a very low noise level. Special attention has been paid to low frequent noise (<10Hz) since this is very difficult to filter away afterwards.

The unit is very suitable as the reference source for data converter testing.

0.1Hz to 10Hz output noise at 5V / 5mA


1s / division


conditions: after 1 hour warm-up, TA=25ºC


Channels 2
Resolution 20 bit
Output range -10V to +10V
full accuracy output current 10mA
Maximum Output current 30mA typical
Output configuration 2 or 4-wire
Settling time for full accuracy 20ms (*)

(*) The settling time is programmable to allow a trade-off between settling time and accuracy.


Accuracy ±(25µV + 10ppm of Value)
Linearity (typical) 2ppm
Temperature drift (typical) ±(2µV + 1ppm of value)/ºC
Load regulation (typical) 1µV/mA
Output noise (typical) 5µVrms (DC to 100kHz)
0.1Hz to 10Hz noise (typical) 4µVpp
Voltage measure resolution 2.7µV

Calibration output

Connector style SMB
Output voltage 7.2V


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